Sparkle with energy to your fullest and turn your challenges into joy!

This is our goal.

To be able to transform something, you must begin by seeing it and understanding what it really is. Perceive what so far had remained hidden; acknowledge its existence.

But what if we changed our viewing angle too? If we switched around our perspective?


Our life experiences are fundamental. All these experiences that your Being, your soul has been through to date create strong memories, especially if they felt uncomfortable or difficult. As a result, the very structure of your Being is altered and these memories, that may originate from various sources, take the form of internal conditionings, instinctive mechanisms, limiting programs and beliefs of all kinds that can materialise in your present, and subsequently in your future.

This “data” gets recorded in your conscious and unconscious mind, from where they operate, often without you even realizing it – wouldn’t it be easy if you did, right? – and the vibration matching this “data” takes shape in your vibrational space. A sort of energy imprint.



Citation : on ne peut soigner ce qu'on ignore

“We don’t attract to ourselves the things we desire, but rather the energy that we vibrate.”

* Barbara Ann Brennan is an American author and a trained physicist. After working for NASA, in the 1970s, she turned to New Age spirituality and created a curriculum for manual holistic care. She established three schools to train therapists in her method, the first being the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York State. She is the author of the bestsellers, Hands of Light (that has sold a million copies and has been translated into 22 languages) and Core Light Healing. (Source: Wikipedia)
According to Barbara Brennan, our physical bodies exist within a larger “body”, a human energy field (called aura), which is the vehicle through which we experience reality, including health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to take action and heal ourselves. We are invited here to consider what is happening in our life, in our body, as an expression of an Intelligence and not as a problem. When you are energetically in alignment in your body, your being vibrates at a higher frequency which allows you to increase your life force potential. You are fully connected to your inner power, which provides you the support you need to attract life experiences that vibrate at this same high frequency.

So, are you aiming for low vibration or high vibrations?

Energy healing treatments: a two-pronged process

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What makes this energy healing approach so effective is a holistic healing process that targets the source of the experience causing the imbalance. This means aiming directly at the precise experience that is the original cause behind the situation you are currently living through; an experience that you no longer want to endure and are ready to let go.

The healing treatment is a two-pronged process:

On one hand, if this feels right for you, we will increase your awareness of the situation you are going through in order to understand what is going on under the surface, we will make connections between the different elements, and put the pieces of the puzzle together thus allowing you to make sense of what is happening to you. What is this situation trying to show you; or rather what is trying to teach you?

And on the other hand, the energy release techniques will enable you to liberate memories stuck in your energy field, and thus detach yourself from the emotion that was stored in your body at the time of the experience. This treatment will also clear and balance your energy field, and bring you into energetic alignment, in order to raise your vibration.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein


When all of a sudden things in your mind get clearer, this clarity soothes you mentally.

You gain a different perspective on past situations, as well as on your present. Your vision is no longer faulty because you are no longer seeing life through the lens of your wounds, conditionings, beliefs, memories, etc. It is like having additional and accurate keys that will guide you towards finding your own solutions.

You will be able to look at things in depth without feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, as you will have gained a sense of inner peace and therefore will feel more lightly towards the situation in question.

As your energy changes, so do the type of experiences that you attract!

This transformation process frees up space so that something new can be created in its stead. You will regain your capacity to act, will find the power to manifest an experience that feels more right for you, at your own pace and with more awareness

“Supporting someone as they open themselves up to something they once thought impossible…”


Without the marks left by your past, who are you? What do you have the courage to do now that you no longer have any obstacles prohibiting you from moving fully towards your joy?


While you once thought it impossible, now life presents you with other possibilities, and it is your call – because this is your responsibility, as well as your own power– to decide whether to grab them or not!

This is your call to open up to life even more, to plant new seeds, and feed those you want to see growing, and sort things out in full awareness, among many other projects.


Receiving an energy healing treatment is gifting your Being with the opportunity to vibrate at its most beautiful internal musical note, thus giving yourself the space to write an upcoming chapter that best suits your life journey.


It is a key to your inner-being, to revealing who you really are…