Aurélie N'Da, Energy Healer

Who am I?

I offer energy healing support for those who want to fully connect to their joy, and transform their current challenges into opportunities.

Knowing exactly what area to act upon is crucial and the key to positive results.

I work with my clients to balance the energies of their Being in relation to past negative/traumatic events, thus curbing the effects of their ingrained beliefs, their childhood programming and the negative emotions that may be interfering with their optimal well-being.

The support method and the energy release protocols that I use are a combination of theoretical training, my intuitive perceptions and my energy reading abilities; in addition to the wealth of practical knowledge I have acquired through my hands-on experiences.

Energy treatments are for everyone.

I worked with many women at the start of my practice and continue to do so with a lot of enthusiasm. I am also pleased to see more and more men connecting with their sacred masculine energy and experimenting with energy healing work.
I also welcome couples in my practice, as well as pregnant women or women who want to have a child, and children who need support

Cierge magique - osez être l'étincelle de votre vie

My training in Human and Social Sciences, the language of color/color reading (William Berton’s school) and in dowsing, are combined with my skills and knowledge in personal development and spirituality, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming applied to coaching, in interviewing and active listening techniques, the study of human beliefs, behaviour patterns and mind games, Nonviolent Communication techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and more. I employ all the above knowledge and experience in order to provide you with personalized support that fits your specific needs.

It is with joy and care that I welcome you to your session, so I can help you (re)discover your balance, inner-peace, and true joy. This is a real opportunity to find the keys and responses within you and decide what the next step in your journey should be.

Unfold all the wonders that are already within you and let them free to shine at their fullest, just like a sparkler! 


A little more about me…

I am a pilgrim on her journey, who enjoys dancing with this partner called life.


I am also passionate about Latin dances, I enjoy dancing immensely!

Walking the path of personal growth inspires me.
As a very keen learner, I strive to share my experience and the gifts I have received so far. And there have been many. They often appeared to me in a form I didn’t expect or I didn’t want to experience. They taught me resilience, how to emerge stronger from a difficult experience and the ability to see the beauty behind all challenging moments. It was first a personal healing journey that led me to my “self,” to discover who I really am, express my joy of Being, and contribute with meaning, thanks to the lessons learned along the way.

Intrigued since my teenage years by all that is human, I discovered a strong interest in psychology from a young age. I hated reading, but my room as a teenager was already filled with issues of Psychology magazine. What appealed to me was real life experience. To gain practical knowledge of the human condition, even if I didn’t know how at first.
I started with theory; this is what guided me towards choosing my degree. My Masters in Human Resources Management in the bag, it is through this profession that I choose to start my explorations, at the heart of corporations.

Working for 13 years in Human Resources gave me the opportunity to observe and also take part in many “behavioural games,” while gaining a very thorough knowledge of the corporate world and all the “games” that could happen there.

This experience has brought me a lot of insight in my practice. During that period, in my quest for openness and always looking for “more”, I moved to England to really learn to speak English. It was during my 4 years in Britain that I was trained in coaching as part of my HR position, and I immersed myself in Anglo-Saxon culture that is very focused on personal development. I received very valuable teachings and a lot of inspiration. Then, I understood with time and practice that by using only the Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching tools, they wouldn’t allow me to express the full potential of my Being. And, especially my highly sensitive nature.

Events and changes in my life encouraged me to leave London and return to France. Back then, life moved quickly and pointed me in a direction other than HR. I couldn’t deny my highly sensitive nature anymore and I had to learn how to deal with it! And no, nobody gave me a roadmap beforehand. It was an adventure filled with daily discoveries.

And amid all of this, Compostelle happened: the choice to leave, on my own, on a 800kms walk, and be on my way for 34 days straight. After the pilgrimage, which offered me moments of connection with myself and of grace, many of my questions had found an answer. Becoming a healer was one such answer. Then, I chose to learn techniques that inspired me: energy reading and clearing using color reading (William Berton’s School) and dowsing. Meanwhile, I explored, discovered, experimented, appraised as much as possible my abilities to sense and use vibrations, until I felt ready to put them at the service of others and their personal growth (and not at the service of the corporate world anymore).

These experiences, among others skills, are an integral part of my tools. They have made me the person I am today, someone who contributes to this world in my own way; and with the strong intention to be the best version of myself. I have learned to see behind the surface, to understand the meaning of events and encounters, to co-create with the Universe and play in this wide space that is the theatre of life itself.  As the lifelong student that I am, I continue to receive with deep gratitude the lessons life wishes to impart me, while dancing through every day with joy!

Remember the keen learner… The theatre of my life is a space for playing and personal development where the authenticity of my Being has become my greatest treasure:  the one I share on a daily basis and which allows me to feel that I am in the right place for me.

In the present moment, it is with joy that I share my learnings and I appreciate very deeply the opportunity to go through these fabulous transformation journeys with those who make the courageous choice to live life to their full potential, in their authenticity.

So welcome on this journey,

If you are reading about me now, it is because, in a certain way, you have probably already embarked on your personal journey…

With love and joy,


"Chemin de Compostelle, près de Castrojeriz, province de Burgos, Espagne"
"Chemin de Compostelle, près de Castrojeriz, province de Burgos, Espagne"